Primary School Curriculum

Strenghthen your child’s early school years by developing strong thinking
skills with our curriculum


How does LEAD’s primary school curriculum work?

LEAD’s primary curriculum for grades 1 to 5, focusses on transitioning students from pure, concrete learning to a blend of concrete and abstract learning.

By the time children enter third grade they are expected to have reasonable personal leadership skills of managing behaviour and listening to instructions. The focus slowly moves towards strengthening your child’s comprehension and writing skills in both English and Hindi.

Using multi-modal learning, teachers at LEAD powered schools also help your child develop thinking skills and application that makes them ready for the future.

Key highlights of our grade-wise primary school curriculum

Class 1

By the end of Class 1, students should have gained a basic knowledge of counting, arithmetic operations, phonics, and built a basic vocabulary.

Class 2

The aim is to strengthen the practice of arithmetic operations and expand their knowledge in EVS. They are also encouraged to practice habits of sharing and managing themselves.

Class 3

This is a transition year for primary school students as they slowly move from concrete learning to a blend of concrete and abstract, especially in Math.

Class 4

In this grade, learning and assessment shift towards written assessment with only a few oral assessments ensuring a definite shift towards abstract concepts.

Class 5

In this grade, the curriculum focuses on empowering students with the values of sharing and caring for other human beings, living beings, and planet Earth. They also develop deep skills of thinking, analysing, and applying their learning in real-life situations.