Middle School

Benefit from a curriculum that helps
your child to effectively apply concepts learned in
school to everyday life


How does LEAD’s middle school curriculum work?

In middle school, in addition to the NCERT textbook, the syllabus is imparted through the use of a supplementary book, audio-visual content, the school kit, and the LEAD Parent App.

The curriculum is designed backwards from Class 10 so that students are well-prepared by the time they reach High School and are appearing for board exams.

Key highlights of our grade-wise middle school curriculum

Class 6

Students achieve a robust understanding across subjects like Mathematics, English, Hindi, Science, and Social Science.

Class 7

By this grade, in addition to building a robust understanding of concepts across subjects, students also get to practice and hone their leadership skills.

Class 8

In this grade, the focus is to holistically enhance their learning of concepts via projects and laboratory work to prepare better for high school and board exams.