Fast track English language skills for your child by 1.5 times with
LEAD’s revolutionary ELGA program


How our ELGA program helps your child read, write and speak in fluent English 1.5x faster?

At LEAD, students don’t learn English as a subject, they learn it as a Skill. The heart of the English Language and General Awareness (ELGA) program lies in its skill-based classrooms where students of various age groups learn together.


ELGA ensures that children learn as per their level & pace

Every child learns uniquely and at LEAD we not only understand this, but also celebrate it. Our ELGA program is designed in such a way that every child learns at their level. The goal is for each child to be at their grade level. The entire curriculum is split into 21 levels and is fully based on skills and understanding rather than grade or age.

Skill and Level-Based Program

ELGA program’s outcomes are based on the NCERT and Singapore curriculum. It is a one-of-its-kind level-based English program specially designed for Indian students.

General Awareness and Values

Each class has different levels and units. Each unit has a specific theme. The theme ties all the components together. It also makes students well-informed citizens. Mindsets and values are also integrated through themes with a focus on applying them to their everyday life

Special Focus on Usage and Practice 

The ELGA program ensures that there are various avenues through which students get to practise English daily, be it at home, in school or in other social settings.